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NEW Casio Grand Hybrid GP310 digital piano


  • New improved Casio Grand Hybrid digital piano, developed with C. Bechstein
  • 88 note keyboard made from quarter-sawn Austrian spruce
  • Impressive 'AiR Grand' sound engine with three top European grand piano sounds
  • 'Grand Acoustic 2' speaker system capable of stunning contrasts in volume and expression
  • Natural Grand Hammer Action to replicate the movements of a grand piano action
  • USB audio recorder and playback
The new Casio GP310 is the first model in the impressive Casio Celviano Grand Hybrid digital piano offering. The new GP-310 boasts significant enhancements over the outgoing GP300 in all areas, including new piano tones, with greater resolution than previous models for improved clarity and resonance. The new speaker system delivers greater dynamic force than ever before, capable of stunning contrasts in volume and expression, from the most delicate pianissimo through to the strongest fortissimo. Combined with the award-winning Natural Grand Hammer Action, the new Grand Hybrid models benefit from a new touch response system and a new pedal design, providing even greater precision than before.

At the heart of the GP-310 is the revolutionary Natural Grand Hammer Action, combining full-length wooden keys (manufactured using the same Austrian spruce as that used by C. Bechstein) with moving hammers to provide an authenticity of touch that is far beyond any other digital piano. Think of what made you fall in love when you first saw a piano. Was it the visible moving hammers that captivate an audience, or maybe the opening lid from where the beautiful tone emerges? Casio Grand Hybrid is the only hybrid digital piano to have these, in a compact and stylish design.

Further research in collaboration with C. Bechstein has given the new series of Grand Hybrids even greater pianistic realism. The new Grand Speaker System II has all new components and optimises the dynamic range for the chosen volume of the piano. The new Pedal Simulator provides even greater control over the damper pedal, allowing for a more realistic recreation of an acoustic piano mechanism.

The GP310 is very similar in specification to the top of the range GP-510 model, with a stylish satin black or white cabinet over the polished ebony, and without the scene settings. If you need a more basic digital piano with the most authentic possible touch then the GP-310 is the Grand Hybrid piano for you!
Keyboard88-key piano keyboard
Layer, Split
Duet: Adjustable tone range (-2 to +2 octaves)
Transpose: -12 semitones to 0 to +12 semitones
Octave shift: 4 octaves (-2 to 0 to +2)
Sound Source Number of Tones: 26
Maximum polyphony: 256 notes
Touch Response: 5 sensitivity levels, Off
Tuning: 415.5Hz to 440.0Hz to 465.9Hz (0.1Hz units)
Temperament: Equal temperament plus 16 other types
Stretch Tuning: 5 types, Off, Auto Setting
Acoustic Simulator String resonance
Damper resonance
Damper noise
Key on action noise
Key off action noise
Hammer response
Lid simulator
Effects Hall simulator (12 types)
Chorus (4 types)
Brilliance (-3 to 0 to 3)
Headphone mode
Concert Play Number of Songs: 15
Playback of Concert Play songs obtained with a computer, etc.
Song volume: Adjustable
Playback at 80% of normal tempo
Music Library Number of Songs: 60, User Songs: 10 (Up to approximately 90KB per song, approximately 900KB for 10 songs)*
Based on 1KB1024 bytes, 1MB
Song volume: Adjustable
Part On/Off: L, R
Grand Piano demo song 6
MIDI Recorder Functions: Real-time recording, playback
Number of Songs: 1
Number of Tracks: 2
Capacity: Approximately 5,000 notes total
Recorded Data Protection: Built-in flash memory
MIDI Recorder Volume Level: Adjustable
Audio Recorder Real-time recording and playback to USB flash drive*
Linear PCM, 16bit, 44.1kHz, stereo .WAV format
Songs: 99 files
Approximately 25 minutes maximum recording per file.
Audio Recorder Volume Level: Adjustable
MetronomeBeats: 0 to 9
Tempo Range: 20 to 255
Metronome Volume Level: Adjustable
PedalsDamper (with half-pedal operation), Soft, Sostenuto
Other Functions Setting backup
Operation Lock
MIDI 16-channel multi-timbre receive
USB Flash Drive Capacity: 32GB or less recommended
SMF direct playback, data storage, data loading, USB flash drive format, audio data playback and storage, scene storage
Inputs/Outputs PHONES jacks: Stereo standard jacks x 2
Power: 24V DC
MIDI OUT/IN terminals
LINE IN R, L/MONO jacks: Standard jacks x 2/ Input impedance: 9.0kΩ, Input voltage: 200mV
LINE OUT R, L/MONO jacks: Standard jacks x 2/ Output impedance: 2.3kΩ, Output voltage: 1.8V (RMS) MAX
USB port: Type B
USB flash drive port: Type A
Pedal connector
AcousticsAmp output: 30W x 2 + 20W x 2
Speakers: 16cm x 2 + (10cm + 5cm) x 2
Volume sync equalizer (3 types, Off)
Power Requirements AC Adaptor: AD-E24500LW
Auto Power Off: Approximately 4 hours after last operation. Auto Power Off can be disabled.
Power Consumption 38W
Dimensions 143.4 (W) x 48.9 (D) x 96.3 (H) cm
Weight 78.5 kg
Included Accessories Music Stand, Score Book, AC Adapter (AD-E24500LW)

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