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Haessler H118 upright piano

RRP £9,270

  • 118cm upright piano in a traditional style cabinet, available in a range of attractive finishes
  • A refined and resonant piano with a solid soundboard, 88 keys and 3 pedals including celeste
  • A wide music desk makes the H118 an ideal piano for those with long scores or individual sheets
  • Bluthner quality and performance at a remarkable price
  • Designed and beautifully handcrafted by Bluthner
  • Supplied with a 5 year Bluthner backed warranty
Now with FREE ground floor delivery and FREE post delivery tuning

What we think of the Haessler H118 traditional cabinet upright piano

The Haessler H118 upright piano is a mid-size model in the Haessler range at 118cm tall, making it an ideal choice of both domestic and practice room instrument. Each piano is handcrafted from start to finish in the Bluthner factory in Leipzig where the attention to detail is simply exceptional, in fact the two marques share many components and are built by the same technicians. With Abel hammers and a Detoa action the H118 is responsive and with a singing tone synonymous with the Bluthner brand, yet with a much smaller price tag than its Bluthner branded counterparts.

Often available for selection in conjunction with Bluthner London, the Haessler H118 is available in a wide selection of attractive finishes with several additional options to help you create your perfect piano.

Also available as a 'Silent piano', this allows the player to 'switch off' the acoustic element of the piano and practice privately with headphones. A wonderful and great value addition to your acoustic piano this allows you to select from 80 different sounds, including pianos, electric pianos and orchestral sounds, record your performance and even use your acoustic piano as a MIDI controller. Supplied with a good quality set of headphones for private practice the Moontime system also has audio outputs to connect to external speakers.

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