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Haessler H132 upright piano

RRP £11,590

  • 132cm tall upright piano in a tradition style cabinet
  • Handcrafted at the Bluthner piano factory in Leipzig, Germany from the finest components
  • Fitted with Abel hammers and sharing many components with the 132cm Bluthner Model B upright
  • 88 keys and three pedals including celeste for quiet practice
  • A large upright with a huge sound, worth comparing against the Yamaha YUS5
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What we think of the Haessler H132 traditional cabinet upright piano

Designed and totally handcrafted in Germany by Bluthner technicians, the 132cm tall upright piano offering from Haessler is the tallest model available in the Haessler range. It offers a more resonant tone and more refined playing experience than the smaller H124 models and is worth comparing against the semi-handcrafted Yamaha YUS5.

The H132 shares many components with the Bluthner Model B upright, and fitted with German 'Abel' hammers along with a solid Austrian Spruce soundboard. While a large instrument it is capable of a broad dynamic range and certainly produces the singing tone synonymous with the Bluthner brand.

Often available for selection in conjunction with Bluthner London, the Haessler H132 is available in a wide selection of attractive finishes with several additional options to help you create your perfect piano.

Also available as a 'Silent piano', this allows the player to 'switch off' the acoustic element of the piano and practice privately with headphones. A wonderful and great value addition to your acoustic piano this allows you to select from 80 different sounds, including pianos, electric pianos and orchestral sounds, record your performance and even use your acoustic piano as a MIDI controller. Supplied with a good quality set of headphones for private practice the Moontime system also has audio outputs to connect to external speakers.

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Designed & Manufactured by Blüthner

It is a rare thing when a manufacturer possesses the skill to render two completely different voices with virtuosity. This is what Blüthner has achieved in creating the Haessler piano. In 1853, Julius Blüthner established the identity of his instrument utilising classical methods of piano building, obtaining the unparalleled height of piano performance in the Blüthner instrument. Abroad, the high demand for German craftsmanship dictated that a modern, more expedient process be developed. In a tribute to Dr. Rudolf Blüthner-Haessler, one of the great visionaries of the Blüthner Family, we are proud to offer the distinct voice of the Haessler piano.

All Haessler pianos from Chamberlain Music are delivered and prepared by our specialist delivery team. This ensures that they are handled carefully, set up and adjusted correctly. This is FREE to all ground floor, mainland UK addresses. Our in house technicians bespoke prepare every single instrument. This ensures that your new piano arrives perfectly regulated and toned.

Manufacturer's warranty: 5 years