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Bluthner Model 4 6'11 grand piano in polished ebony

RRP £74,995

  • Stunning 6'11 'Parlour' grand piano in an elegant cabinet
  • Beautifully handcrafted in Leipzig, Germany
  • Available in a selection of finishes with brass fittings and birds eye maple inner rim
  • A warm, singing tone known the world over as 'The Golden Tone'
  • The same size and an excellent alternative to the Yamaha S6, Steinway B and Bechstein B212
  • Often available for selection in conjunction with Bluthner London & Bluthner Leipzig
Now with FREE ground floor delivery and FREE post delivery tuning

Famous the world over for their singing 'Golden Tone', Bluthner grand pianos are meticulously handcrafted from only the very finest materials with exceptional attention to detail. Bluthner takes great pride in being the worlds last remaining 100% family owned and managed piano manufacturer, with each instrument being carefully tested to ensure it is worthy of carrying the family name.

At 6'11 in length the Model 6 is considered the perfect size for a grand piano, producing the tonal qualities of a performance instrument while remaining beautifully proportioned. It makes for a great alternative to the Steinway Model B, Bechstein B212 and Yamaha S6. Only specially selected materials are used to construct the Model 4, including red beech for the back frame and rim, along with Austrian Alpine Spruce for the soundboard. A Renner action with Abel hammers has been chosen to complete the instrument, resulting in a warm, singing tone and a well balanced and responsive touch.

Often available for selection in conjunction with Bluthner London, the Model 4 is a stunning handcrafted instrument which is a perfect choice for the larger school auditorium or performance space.